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There has been a mill on the site since at least the 1590's and it is one of the last eleven working watermills still operational in Scotland
The mill was kept working until 1929 when it ceased production mainly because the traditional mills could not compete with the new industrial mills which were being built.
The mill was then used as a store until 1977 when restoration work was begun by John Ridley with the help of the last miller's assistant who could still remember the old mill. John Ridley retired in 1993 and it then passed to James and Mary Bruce, parents of the current owner.

You can view the mill and see how we stonegrind wheat and oats in the traditional manner. This helps retain the nutritional benefits of the grain as well as giving the produce a delicious nutty flavour. We produce pinhead, coarse, medium and fine oatmeal and coarse wholemeal, wholemeal and bread flour. The flour and oatmeal are used in our home baking as well as being available to buy in our shop.

Blair Atholl Watermill, Perthshire, Scotland